Beginners Survival Guide

1. Don’t give up after your First Lesson

Even if the first well didn’t go as well as you hoped it would, give yourself another few lessons to get the hang of it, before deciding Rock’n’Roll is for you or not.

2. Have fun and exercise while learning

That’s why we are all here – to have some fun and enjoy dancing with the benefit of  excecising too.

3. If something goes wrong don’t panic.

We all started at the beginning, if you are unsure ask the instructor or someone who can dance well to help you.

4. Try to do some Practice

Practice at home with some easy/slow rock music practice basic footwork or routine with easy moves. After the first couple of lessons if you can do basic footwork with a turn and return you are doing great.

5. Men Lead – Ladies Don’t

All moves are lead by the man, sometimes with a hand or signal, sometimes by moving the ladies hand as you step. Stay light and relaxed in the hands and arms.

6. Socialise

Ask someone to dance – you will learn quicker. Half the fun of dancing is to meet new people and make new friends. Ladies don’t be SHY!

7. Arrive on time to Start

It’s harder to pick up what is going on halfway through a lesson,  get the best value for your time and money and arrive on time.

8. It Could change your Life

Learning to dance will lead to meeting new friends and socialising in new  circles, hopefully getting out of dancing what most people want.